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Annual Summit Registration

Annual Summit 2020 will take place in Norwood, MA on January 25, 2020.

AMC’s 144th Annual Summit

Saturday January 25th, 2020

AMC’s Annual Summit celebrates the people who make AMC’s mission real everyday–our dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re a lifelong member or a newcomer interested in discovering all AMC has to offer, Annual Summit is for you!

The 144th Annual Summit will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Event Includes:
  • Interactive workshops and presentations with AMC experts and outdoor pros
  • Committee business meetings
  • Delicious buffet lunch
  • AMC’s 144th Annual Business Meeting
  • Presentation of AMC’s annual volunteer awards
  • Updates on AMC’s work in conservation, recreation, and education
  • Evening Celebration Reception, with drinks and hors d’oeuvres



Join Fjällräven for fika in the coffee lounge from 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm. In Swedish, fika translates to “pause and have a coffee.” More so, it is a time to slow down and reconnect with both yourself and others. Stop by to learn about our line of sustainable outdoor gear and enter for a chance to win one of our most beloved packs – the Kajka 65!

Attend any combination of sessions, trainings, and committee meetings you choose. Over lunch, John Judge, President & CEO, will highlight AMC’s key accomplishments relating to our Vision 2020 and he will introduce the new strategic plan – AMC150. Later, at the 144th Annual Business Meeting, hear AMC’s annual business reports, meet the board’s incoming members, and applaud our volunteer award recipients. Finally, join your AMC community for a complimentary drink and hors d’oeuvres at our Celebration Reception.

Location: Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Norwood, Massachusetts. Directions to the hotel.

Hotel Accommodations: For those interested in staying over Friday and/or Saturday night, AMC has arranged for special group rates at the Four Points by Sheraton. The rates include full buffet breakfast, wifi, a fitness room, and parking. The AMC group rates are:

  • Standard Queen (1 bed): $115* (single occupancy, per night)
  • King or (2) Queens: $135* (single occupancy, per night) or $145* (double occupancy, per night)
*plus applicable taxes

To book your hotel reservation, please contact the hotel’s Reservation Manager at 781-769-7900 and mention the AMC Annual Summit to receive the discounted rate. Individuals must make hotel reservations no later than January 2, 2020 (after January 2, the rate is subject to hotel availability and not guaranteed.)

Registration closes at 9:00AM (EST) on Monday, January 13, 2020 (registration may close before January 13th if the event sells out) Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Cancellations with a full refund are only allowed until Jan 13th. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after this date.

Workshops and Presentations

Sign up in advance for workshops to learn new skills and develop your existing talents. With our biggest program lineup yet, we know you will find a session that inspires you!

Annual Summit 2020 Workshops & Trainings – Saturday, January 25, 2020Time
Morning Session 1 (8:00am, 8:30am, or 9:00am Start)
(COLL) Faculty Workshop Session8:00am-9:50am
Putting Your Best FOOT Forward9:00am-9:50am
Outdoors Together: Rediscover the Magic of Local Parks for Families9:00am-10:50am
Yoga for Outdoor Enthusiasts9:00am-10:50am
Morning Session 2 (10:00am Start)
Backcountry Cooking Basics10:00am-10:50am
Creative Writing and Telling of Your Outdoor Story: Derick Lugo author of The Unlikely Thru-Hiker10:00am-10:50am
AMC and Ecotourism10:00am-10:50am
Morning Session 3 (11:00am Start)
AMC Climbing from Indoors to Outdoors11:00am-11:50am
Beyond GPS – Basic Orienteering11:00am-11:50am
Leave No Trace Workshop11:00am-11:50am
Building Connection and Community in the Outdoors11:00am-11:50am
Mountain Lakes and Streams: Sentinels of Changing Climate and Air Quality11:00am-11:50am
Afternoon Session 1 (1:30pm or 2:00pm Start)
Becoming an Adventure Travel Leader1:30pm-2:20pm
Improve your Outdoor Photography Skills with Fjallraven1:30pm-2:20pm
Citizen Science is for Everyone1:30pm-2:20pm
Coming Soon in New York: AMC and Baker Camp1:30pm-2:20pm
Reflecting Place in Music1:30pm-2:20pm
The Ax: History and Use by AMC Trails1:30pm-3:20pm
Become a Memorable Presenter Outdoors and In: Interpretive Guide Techniques1:30pm-2:20pm
Map Reading and Compass Skills1:30pm-3:00pm
Afternoon Session 2 (2:30pm or 3:10pm start)
Learn How Volunteer Leaders Can Lead Trips to AMC Destinations2:30pm-3:20pm
AMC Volunteer led Family Outings: An Introduction2:30pm-3:20pm
In Their Words: Historical Hiking Journals2:30pm-3:20pm
Keeping Out of Appalachia’s Accidents Reports2:30pm-3:20pm
Seize the Day Not Your Phone2:30pm-3:20pm
Adventure in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts: the NET and CT River Paddlers Trail2:30pm-3:20pm
How AMC Builds Winning Campaigns for Conservation2:30pm-3:20pm
You Are Ready for Winter Backpacking!3:10pm-4:45pm
Extended Afternoon Session 3 (3:30pm Start)
Active Conservation and You: AMC Priorities and Advocating for the Outdoors3:30pm-4:40pm
Cycling Outdoors – What You Need to Know to Be Outside on Two Wheels!3:30pm-4:40pm
Try Trail Running! Explore Eastern Trails with Confidence & Joy3:30pm-4:40pm
Everyone Poops: Human Waste in the Backcountry3:30pm-4:40pm
Get to Know Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, Maine3:30pm-4:40pm
Weather by the Seat of Your Pants3:30pm-4:40pm
Resources for Researching the Legacy of Washburn3:30pm-4:40pm
Saying No While We Welcome: How to Screen Someone Off and Build Trust in AMC3:30pm-4:40pm
Trail Talk from an Old Dirt Kicker: author of Way Out There3:30pm-4:40pm
AMC Volunteer Orientation for Chapter, Camp, Committee, and other Chairs’8:30am-12:00pm

(COLL) Faculty Workshop Session

This workshop is open to Faculty for AMC’s Center for Outdoor Learning & Leadership (COLL). Our annual workshop will focus on getting to know yourself better as a facilitator and leader by taking a deeper dive into leadership styles and applying this knowledge to strengths – based facilitation strategies. We’ll close out the session with a museum style walk through of teaching resources developed by COLL faculty members.

Putting Your Best FOOT Forward

You know the “10 Essentials” but what is maybe the most important, but often overlooked, piece of “equipment”? Your Feet. You will learn about special techniques for lacing your boots – to address fit issues, foot care before and during a hike, treating a few common foot injuries, tips on keeping your “footing” and other tips. This is a minor update from the well received 2019 Summit presentation.

Outdoors Together: Rediscover the Magic of Local Parks for Families

Does your neighborhood have beautiful parks that you take for granted? Families are eager to find close to home, short outdoor experiences to give kids the many benefits that come from a life outside. AMC’s Outdoors Together team will share their program toolkit for bringing the magic to those frequently visited places including trail games, seasonal park activities, outreach methods, and a cool badging program designed for 1-2 hour trips. This workshop is specifically designed for active AMC Volunteer Leaders and our goal is to help Leaders renew and share their appreciation for local parks and trails so that families can continue their outdoor journey.

Yoga for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Exertion and repetition affects hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Enjoy a yoga class to stretch, strengthen, balance, and enhance your mind and body to improve your outdoor adventures. Bring something comfortable to wear, and a yoga mat if you have one.

Backcountry Cooking Basics

With so many ways to stay nourished in the wilderness, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Come discuss food options and cooking methods to help you choose the best way to fuel your outdoor activities. This presentation will cover various types of stoves, how/when to use a wood fire, cost vs. convenience of store-bought food, and how to create lightweight ingredients using a dehydrator. Share the leader’s favorite recipes for backpacking and car camping.

Creative Writing and Telling of Your Outdoor Story: Derick Lugo author of The Unlikely Thru-Hiker

We all have a story to tell, however expressing our experience so that it captures a reader and an audience’s full attention, can be a challenge. Learn some tricks and practices that can help strengthen your narrative; from starting a writing routine, to picking the best parts of your story to share in a talk or presentation. With a more structured approach, your story can entertain and inspire others. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: begin composing your epic story, learn the dos and don’ts of storytelling and present a story that is well constructed.

AMC and Ecotourism

AMC Huts and Lodges have always been more than a warm bed and hearty meal. More like stewardship centers, we provide educational opportunities, support scientific research, and make a great basecamp for outdoor recreation from hiking to skiing to paddling. In many ways, Ecotourism looks a lot like what we already do, but how can we do more? Participants will learn about existent practices and future efforts to become a greater presence in the ecotourism industry.

AMC Climbing from Indoors to Outdoors

Learn about the AMC’s rich climbing tradition and what we do today to introduce people to the experience and help them build their confidence and skills. For those new to the sport come learn about our skill development courses and learn some basic rock safety techniques. For those with some experience, build your skill-base/knowledge and test your problem-solving skills in rock-based scenarios. Come climb on board together.

Beyond GPS – Basic Orienteering

Don’t leave home without it – basic knowledge of map and compass. Improve your odds of not getting lost, by not relying solely on a GPS. Learn special orienteering techniques, map reading skills, compass usage, some GPS tips, and more. These skills collectively will give you a land navigation advantage. This fast-paced session will also strive to allow brief time at end for some personal compass instruction. Bring your compass!

Leave No Trace Workshop

Do you enjoy the outdoors and want to learn more about how to protect the outdoor places you love? Join us for a Leave No Trace Workshop, led by the Appalachian Mountain Club, focusing on fostering stewardship through our own practices in the outdoors. We will spend our time exploring the 7 principals of Leave No Trace through engaging activities and meaningful discussion. We will discover where we all exist on the spectrum of Leave No Trace share ways that we can limit our impact on the environment. This is an interactive course, with users encouraged to bring fresh perspectives and questions for conversation surrounding sustainable habits in the outdoors.

Building Connection and Community in the Outdoors

In Building Connection and Community in the Outdoors, we’ll explore tricks and techniques for how to bring that extra element for your participants to connect more deeply with each other and with the natural world around them. Recognizing that many adult participants scoff at the idea of an icebreaker or team-building initiative, we’ll leave those at the door and focus on subtle techniques and tools to create more robust participant experiences on volunteer-led trips.

Mountain Lakes and Streams: Sentinels of Changing Climate and Air Quality

For decades AMC research staff and our partners have been monitoring air quality and studying lakes and stream water in the alpine zone. This research both contributes to our scientific knowledge and helps to inform conservation advocacy. These mountaintop sites serve as sentinels for air and water pollution, and the data we have collected has provided evidence that helped to bring about changes in the Clean Air Act that has led to the reversal of acid rain and ozone pollution. These research sites now allow us to study climate change in mountain ecosystems. Come learn about AMC’s scientists and their fascinating work.

Becoming an Adventure Travel Leader

Are you a current chapter leader who loves to lead multi-day events? Take the next step in your outdoor leadership journey. Learn about AMC’s Adventure Travel program and the steps to leading small group excursions around the world. This session teaches about the program, prerequisites, and the path to leadership with Adventure Travel. Experienced Adventure Travel leaders will be on hand to answer questions.

Improve your Outdoor Photography Skills with Fjallraven

Find an adventure and bring your camera. Learn to improve your photography skills and how to plan and shoot in the wilderness. We will cover different subjects like landscape, wildlife, sunrise, sunset, and Milky Way photography. We will also spend time on post-processing and Leave No Trace best practices that apply to photographers.

Citizen Science is for Everyone

While learning about nature and advancing scientific knowledge, citizen science projects provide hands-on engagement opportunities, build science literacy outside the classroom, and increase people’s sense of their role as conservation advocates. Learn more as we share the results of our iNaturalist project. Appreciate the impact of citizen science and discuss other potential projects, such as the Dragonfly Mercury Project, that relate to AMC’s mission, research, and conservation work.

Coming Soon in New York: AMC and Baker Camp

We are thrilled to be opening more AMC lodging and learning opportunities near New York City in Harriman State Park. Learn more about our efforts in the New York Region and especially learn about the plans for the new Baker Camp. When we open in 2023, this will be AMC’s largest destination offering a range of overnight and recreational opportunities.

Reflecting Place in Music

Writer and musician Ben Cosgrove ( has devoted the last decade to writing and performing instrumental music inspired by the American landscape; he has served as the Artist-in-Residence for the New England Trail (2017-19), White Mountain National Forest (2015), Acadia National Park (2013), Isle Royale National Park (2013), and the Schmidt Ocean Institute (2016), and performed for audiences of all shapes and sizes in 48 states. In this session, Ben will perform some of his music on solo keyboard while sharing stories about its composition, discussing the historic relationship between art and conservation and talking about the roles art and music can play in the important practice of thoughtfully considering what different landscapes mean to us.

The Ax: History and Use by AMC Trails

Learn about the axe, a truly American tool that shaped the lives of early settlers and dominated the timber industry in the early years. Much of the skills in maintenance and use have been lost to many in the modern era. AMC’s Trails Department teaches traditional axe skills to volunteers and staff to keep the spirit of this essential tool alive. The presentation will include PowerPoint presentation, videos, examples available to handle, and discussions.

Become a Memorable Presenter Outdoors and In: Interpretive Guide Techniques

AMC Interpretive and Guided Programs cover a kaleidoscope of topics aimed at connecting outdoor experiences with a sense of place and to make a lasting impression that builds a stewardship legacy with participants. Learn the tools and techniques that engage participants in more than just an outside activity. By introducing interpretive techniques, we focus on organizing information and experiences to reach our audiences in a memorable way. Whether we engage on the trail, in meetings, or through presentations, we have an opportunity to encourage a deep commitment to stewardship that has been AMC’s mission for over a hundred years.

Map Reading and Compass Skills

This workshop will cover the essential basics of map and compass skills for hiking. Participants will get practice “interpreting” a map, reading topography, and using a compass to confirm travel direction and plot a bearing. Participants must bring a baseplate-styled compass and a pencil to this workshop.

Learn How Volunteer Leaders Can Lead Trips to AMC Destinations

Planning and leading overnight trips take a lot of know how. This session focuses on how you can make the most of AMC huts and lodges. We will answer questions including how and when to book, benefits for volunteer leaders, and amenities for your group. We also want to hear from you! How can we get new leaders to plan trips to AMC destinations? Help us brainstorm benefits and discuss how we can cooperate on AMC’s mission to get more people outdoors using AMC’s lodges and huts as base camps!

AMC Volunteer led Family Outings: An Introduction

Learn how Family Outings fits into AMC’s Strategic Vision for Growth and inclusion setting the broad stage for “BE OUTDOORS”. Family Outings invites a wide audience for a broader AMC audience to come together. Learn how Boston Family Outings has grown. What works, what are the opportunities, how do we make this growth happen across chapters?

In Their Words: Historical Hiking Journals

The AMC Archives hold journals, diaries and logbooks recording the firsthand thoughts and feelings of outdoor enthusiasts across the decades. Some date as far back as the 1880s, documenting modes of wilderness travel and the ways that outdoor explorations have and have not changed over time. Join AMC Archivist Becky Fullerton to hear the voices of hikers, backpackers and paddlers of the past, illustrated with images from the AMC’s collections.

Keeping Out of Appalachia’s Accidents Reports

Readers of AMC’s Appalachia journal often flip first to its popular Accidents section. More than a few readers have told Editor-in-Chief Christine Woodside that they stay safer on their hikes by thinking that they do not want to end up in the report. Lightheartedness aside, the journal holds a strong mission to help everyone avoid getting lost, hurt, or worse while exploring wilderness areas. Woodside, herself an experienced backpacker, will tell several gripping tales of true accidents in the White Mountains going back to the 1940s, illustrating her talk with maps, photographs, and sharing her reality-tested safety ideas and those from several of our Accidents editors as well as the HikeSafe program. You will come away from this session with concrete tips on how to avoid danger in the backcountry.

Seize the Day Not Your Phone

Our smartphones are amazing – too amazing. Consequently, instead of controlling them they now control us. And with good reason: attention is the new currency. It’s in the financial interest of the Internet to keep us on our screens. This lively presentation lifts the curtain on how the Internet keeps us distracted at the expense of family, goals and outdoor experiences, while also discussing the importance of getting outside without our devices and allowing ourselves to reboot.

Adventure in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts: the NET and CT River Paddlers Trail

Massachusetts has plenty of adventure to offer between Worcester and the Appalachian Trail. Hikers can explore the New England Scenic Trail while paddlers ply the waters of the Connecticut River Paddlers Trail. These two outdoor recreation gems of western Massachusetts offer less crowded opportunities to explore, by land and water, the beauty of this breathtaking landscape. Learn about how these trails were created, AMC’s involvement, and how to get out there!

How AMC Builds Winning Campaigns for Conservation

Join AMC’s Amy Lindholm who is leading our nationwide efforts to permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, to discuss the essential elements of a winning conservation advocacy campaign. We’ll dive into the important steps any individual or organization must make in deciding how to engage in advocacy: identifying the change we want to make and why it matters; researching the issue; growing support and creating coalitions; forming a strategy and choosing tactics; executing our plan; and evaluating what worked or did not work. Through the case study of the winning LWCF Coalition campaign on permanent reauthorization (#SaveLWCF), you’ll be able to think through the advocacy choices you want to make personally, with your Chapter, and through AMC as a player on the local, state, regional and national level.

You Are Ready for Winter Backpacking!

Learn what it takes to be a winter backpacker; fitness, nutrition, gear, hard skills with crampon/snowshoes, heat management, and site preparation. Bring gear for an in-person gear check. Learn about upcoming Beginner Winter Backpacking opportunities.

Active Conservation and You: AMC Priorities and Advocating for the Outdoors

AMC’s new strategic plan, AMC150, has a strong focus on conservation. Join AMC’s policy experts for a discussion on how AMC members, trip leaders, volunteers, and participants can turn their love of the outdoors into an active voice on its behalf. We will discuss current advocacy efforts around land conservation funding, climate change, protecting environmental regulations like the Clean Air Act, and AMC’s specific 2020 conservation priorities.

Cycling Outdoors – What You Need to Know to Be Outside on Two Wheels!

Cycling introduces a world of trails, terrain, and fun. Come learn what you need to know to get outdoors on two wheels including different types of bikes (road, gravel, mountain, commuter, and more) what tires are best for each surface, what gear makes your ride more comfortable. We will talk about where to find people to ride with and places to ride. Come see some actual bikes and tires and discover what it’s like to enjoy life on two wheels.

Try Trail Running! Explore Eastern Trails with Confidence & Joy

Trail running is one of the fastest-growing segments of outdoor recreation. We’ll look at why that is, its health benefits compared to road running, some of the best spots in the East for a trail run, and what to pack. We’ll pay attention to trail running risks and safety, as many are migrating to the sport from road running rather than hiking and backpacking. Lace up!

Everyone Poops: Human Waste in the Backcountry

Human Waste in the Back Country – It’s something we all do. It’s something that we always will do. But after you shut the lid, what happens to your waste? Learn how we compost over 3,000 gallons of human waste annually in the back country and how you can help.

Get to Know Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, Maine

New England’s newest National Monument is a remote, wild, and often pristine expanse of forests & waterways adjacent to and beyond Baxter State Park. It’s open for outdoor adventure and trails are being improved even as the National Park Service moves through the early stages of planning. Come learn what’s there and how to plan a great trip there. We’ll also share information on federal and state policy issues that will influence what people will be able to do and experience in the future.

Weather by the Seat of Your Pants

Weather forecasting on-the-go is an important skill for anyone spending time in the outdoors, particularly in the mountains and on the water. Here, I will give guidance on how to spot weather trends using natural signs: cloud formations, wind directions, among others, and how to synthesize these into an accurate local prediction of weather patterns. In addition, I cover some hazards like lightning.

Resources for Researching the Legacy of Washburn

The legacy of Bradford Washburn Jr. longtime AMC icon needs to be updated. We all know parts of his story: mountaineer in Alaska, cartographer of National Geographic Maps of Everest, Denali, Washington and the Grand Canyon (with his wife Barbara). Scientist and author, legendary director of the Boston Museum of Science for many years, this session will touch upon these accomplishments along with audience participation. For example, who knows the story of the Hutmans Cabin in Pinkham Notch? Or Who knows the story of the Washburn 1937 photo gallery at the Mt Washington observatory offices in Pinkham Notch?

Saying No While We Welcome: How to Screen Someone Off and Build Trust in AMC

As first personal contacts to prospective trip participants, volunteer Trip Leaders represent AMC to countless prospective and current members and potential volunteers every day. In this role, they have to walk the line between welcoming someone to the great AMC experience, while telling them they cannot attend a trip they’d like to join. It’s not an easy task. Come to this interactive session where we cover steps for informing a person about the screening process, letting them know they cannot attend your event, and pointing them to other options. AMC aims at compassionate screening where the outcome is that a potential participant feels that their safety and comfort have been prioritized and they are eager to look for other opportunities to be outdoors.

Trail Talk from an Old Dirt Kicker: author of Way Out There

This will be a lively, interactive presentation enhanced with numerous photo images to illustrate the top ten topics or issues that people are most curious about regarding wilderness travel. I address each topic, such as planning, skills, wildlife, fear, and being alone, within the context of one of my many backcountry journeys. Attendees will benefit from a unique perspective on the benefits of exploration, and the importance of supporting, maintaining, and protecting our natural environments.

AMC Volunteer Orientation for Chapter, Camp, Committee, and other Chairs’

Calling all Volunteer Chairs and Vice Chairs! New and curious committee chairs and vice chairs can bring guests and join us for a morning of training orientation following AMC’s Annual Summit. This program is designed to help AMC volunteers in leadership roles learn more about how things work at AMC, available resources, as well as tips and best practices for working together, leading other volunteers, and where to go for help. Offered by AMC’s Volunteer Relations Department.


Committee Meetings The following committee meetings are scheduled at Annual Summit. Meetings are open to all members, though only committee members may vote. Please include the meetings you plan to attend in your registration choices.

Meeting: Chapters Committee (CHCM)

A Board of Directors (BOD) Committee that addresses the needs, interests, and concerns of Chapters. Voting members include Chapter Chairs and Regional Directors.

Meeting: Inter-Chapter Trails Committee (ITC)

A subcommittee of the Conservation Programs Committee (CPC) to promote cooperation, safety, and support for volunteer trails programs across the organization. Voting members include Chapter Trails Chairs.

Meeting: Adventure Travel Committee (AMCAT)

Part of AMC’s Outdoor Learning and Leadership Department, this committee trains and manages a cadre of volunteer leaders to offer adventures more than 500 miles outside AMC’s region. Led by a Volunteer Committee.

Meeting: Inter-Chapter Climbing Committee (ICC)

A subcommittee of the Conservation Programs Committee (CPC) to promote safety, collaboration and support for climbing/mountaineering activities across the organization. Voting members include Chapter Climbing and Mountaineering Chairs.

Meeting: Volunteer-Led Camps and Cabins Committee (VCC)

Part of AMC’s Outdoor Programs Center department, this volunteer committee facilitates cooperation and communication in support of our seasonal and year-round full and self-service camps and cabins. Voting members are Chairs of VCC Committees.

Meeting: Clubwide Conservation Committee (CCC)

A subcommittee of the Board of Directors (BOD) Conservation Programs Committee, to support interaction and cooperation amongst conservation volunteers and staff in support of AMC’s conservation priorities and campaigns.

Meeting: Inter-Chapter Paddling Committee (IPC)

A subcommittee of the BOD Conservation Programs Committee, to support interaction and cooperation amongst paddling chairs in support of safety, conservation concerns, and access. A meeting for Chapter Paddling Chairs and Leaders with an agenda focused on them. Voting members are Paddling Committee Chairs.

Meeting: Outdoor Leadership Development Committee (OLDC)

A subcommittee of the Board of Directors Outdoor Learning and Leadership Committee, this group of volunteers creates Leadership Requirements and Guidelines, and defines best practices for training and risk management.

Meeting: Volunteer Treasurers Meeting

This meeting is for AMC’s Finance Staff and the volunteer Treasurers who serve Volunteer Club Units such as Chapters, Committees, and Camps. An agenda will be circulated in advance.

Meeting: Membership Chairs Meeting

Open to Chapter Membership Chairs, Chapter Chairs, and Vice Chairs, or your chapter representative, this meeting will review membership trends at the chapter level, as well as answer questions about membership and the Membership Chair’s role.


The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Annual Summit is a time of celebration! Each year, AMC presents awards to some of our club’s most dedicated volunteers. AMC has thousands of amazing volunteers that deserve to be recognized for their commitment and hard work. Awards that will be presented this year are listed below. For more information and lists of past award recipients, visit

Distinguished Service Award – This award highlights long term commitment to enhancing and sustaining the integrity of AMC’s conservation, education, and recreation values, with a special acknowledgement that the recipients have developed a complete understanding of the values and goals of the entire organization.

Volunteer Leadership Award – The Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes AMC’s outstanding volunteer leaders who demonstrate the desire to share their time and expertise in the pursuit of AMC’s recreation, conservation, and education mission.

Joe Dodge Award – The Joe Dodge Award is presented to a member of the AMC community who best exemplifies the type of high quality public service and mountain hospitality that became the hallmark of longtime AMC Huts Manager Joe Dodge’s long and distinguished career at Pinkham Notch.

Stewardship Society Award – The Stewardship Society Award honors AMC volunteers who carry on the tradition of public service activity and bring new members to join in the effort. Stewardship Society members typically volunteer on trail work, conservation, or other stewardship projects.

The Marian Psychowska Award recognizes those who have given at least 96 Hours.

The Warren Hart Award recognizes those who have given at least 224 Hours.

Eligible recipients of the Stewardship Society Awards must submit their 2019 tally sheets by December 1 to