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Annual Summit Registration

Annual Summit 2021 will be an all digital experience taking place right here. 


Registration for Annual Summit 2021 is now CLOSED

Workshops & Presentations

AMC’s 145th Annual Summit

Saturday January 23rd, 2021

AMC’s Annual Summit celebrates the people who make AMC’s mission real everyday–our dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re a lifelong member or a newcomer interested in discovering all AMC has to offer, Annual Summit is for you!

The 145th Annual Summit will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2021 and will be an all online digital event for the first time ever!

Event Includes:

  • Interactive workshops and presentations with AMC experts and outdoor pros
  • Committee business meetings
  • AMC’s 144th Annual Business Meeting
  • Presentation of AMC’s annual volunteer awards
  • Updates on AMC’s work in conservation, recreation, and education

Attend any combination of sessions, trainings, and committee meetings you choose. In the morning, John Judge, President & CEO, will highlight AMC’s key accomplishments relating to AMC’s mission and vision. Later, at the 145th Annual Business Meeting, hear AMC’s annual business reports, meet the board’s incoming members, and applaud our volunteer award recipients. Then, enjoy a day filled with great presentations and workshops!

Once registered you will receive an email confirmation containing your personal link to access AMC’s Annual Summit. Please save your confirmation email, the Annual Summit page will only be accessible to registered participants. 

After registering please be sure to check your email regularly, you will receive additional emails and reminders as Annual Summit approaches.  AMC is working to provide an opportunity to network and socialize during this virtual event and we will send additional information on how to attend social opportunities and other special presentations. We hope you will join us for a full day of learning and fun!

The fee for attending Annual Summit supports the planning and delivery of the event. If you would like to attend but the fee is prohibitive due to financial hardship, please contact us at

Registration closes at 11:59pm (EST) on Thursday, January 21, 2021
Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Cancellations with a full refund are only allowed until Jan 17th.
No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after this date.

Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Learn new skills and develop your existing talents. With our all digital program lineup, we know you will find a session that inspires you!

Annual Summit 2020 Workshops & Trainings – Saturday, January 23, 2021Time
Morning Events 
Morning Coffee and Discussions With: Volunteer Managed Camps and Cabins, Adventure Travel, Inter-Chapter Climbing Committee8:45am – 9:30am
Annual Business Meeting & Club-wide Awards Presentation 9:35am – 10:35am
Morning Live Stream Channel 1 
Leadership Approaches: Updated AMC Curriculum10:40am-11:25am
Morning Live Stream Channel 2 
Conservation Impact Through Advocacy10:40am-11:25am
Protect the View11:30am-12:15pm
Morning Live Stream Channel 3 
Relatable: Bugs, Rain, and Steep Trails as Reported in 19th Century Hiker Logbooks10:40am-11:25am
The Stories We Amplify: Experiencing Different Outdoor Narratives11:30am-12:15pm
Lunch Break & Update from John Judge – AMC President and CEO12:15pm-1:00pm
Afternoon Live Stream Channel 1 
Putting Your Best Foot Forward1:00pm-1:45pm
Evacuation Decision in the Wilderness1:50pm-2:35pm
Leave No Trace Outdoor Skills & Ethics – Supported by Fjallraven2:40pm-3:25pm
Afternoon Live Stream Channel 2 
Community Snow Observation and Other Community Science You Can Do1:00pm-1:45pm
Developing an Pathway to Net Zero Carbon Emissions1:50pm-2:35pm
The Venture Out Project – Connecting Queer Youth and Adults With the Outdoors2:40pm-3:25pm
Afternoon Live Stream Channel 3 
The Unlikely Thru-Hiker1:00pm-1:45pm
Wild Canoe – The 100 Mile Wilderness and the Birth of Mainstream Recreational Canoeing1:50pm-2:35pm
Book Lovers and AMC Members Who Want a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of How Our Books Are Made2:40pm-3:25pm
Thank You Video Presentation3:30pm-3:45pm

Leadership Approaches: Updated AMC Curriculum

Great leadership is a balancing act. How do you know when to step up and take direction, or when to step back and let your group self-direct? How can you harness your natural abilities and develop your skills to be a more effective outdoor
leader? In 2020, AMC staff and Volunteers from across the organization have come together to revise and update our leadership curriculum to better align with one another, modern outdoor leadership theory and our commitment to inclusivity.
Join us for an overview of this topic to increase your understanding of leadership approaches and how or why skilled leaders use these different approaches depending on what situation they are in. This session is intended to update members
who have previously participated in AMC leadership training and to further the learning of new or potential leaders

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Bikepacking: Dirt and Off-Road Touring

In this session you will learn some of the unique requirements for off-pavement bicycle touring (AKA bikepacking). We’ll talk about choosing a bike for your adventure and discuss essential gear, as well as cover how to strap it all on your
bike (the bags). Additionally, you will receive information on where find established routes and resources that help when creating your own. Throughout the session you’ll hear a few stories from previous AMC bikepacking adventures.

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Conservation Impact Through Advocacy – Making a Difference for the Outdoors

Learn to advocate for the outdoors with AMC. Almost everything we experience outdoors is impacted by public policy decisions. Decisions made by federal, state, and local elected officials and agencies drive how public lands and rivers are
managed, acceptable levels of pollution, approaches to climate change, clean energy, and transportation options, development patterns, and recreation opportunities. Learn how to influence decisions for issues important to you and to
increase the power of your message.

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Protect the View

Protect the View: learn about a science-based campaign and call to action to preserve scenic trail experiences. The in-depth research produced 10 views from 6 Circuit Trails that are vulnerable to development pressure. Find out how these
views were selected, development of a website, how it’s being used, and potential outcomes.

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Relatable: Bugs, Rain, and Steep Trails as Reported in 19th Century Hiker Logbooks

The AMC Library & Archives holds over two dozen 19th century “Summit Registers,” small notebooks stashed on White Mountain summits, where hikers could record their thoughts on the weather, trail conditions and their own hiking prowess.
Get an insider’s view of this fascinating collection as AMC Archivist Becky Fullerton shares nuggets of joy and sorrow that show many of the same challenges and sublime moments ring true then as much as now.

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The Stories We Amplify: Experiencing Different Outdoor Narratives

Born from adapting an online workshop created by the Youth Opportunities Program staff (now COLL Educators Outdoors), “The Stories We Amplify: Experiencing Different Outdoor Narratives” elevates stories from four different people who
connect to the outdoors. After hearing parts of their story, you will be prompted to move through an activity on your own that connects to an element of the outdoors and part of their unique lived experience.

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Putting Your Best FOOT Forward

You know the “10 Essentials”, but what is maybe the most important, but often overlooked, piece of “equipment”? Your Feet. You will learn about special techniques for lacing your boots – to address fit issues, foot care before and during a
hike, treating a few common foot injuries, tips on keeping your  “footing”, and other tips. This presentation is a little reduced from the well received 2020 Summit.

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Evacuation Decisions in the Wilderness: Stay and Play or Scoop and Go

Spend enough time in the wilderness, and you are bound to encounter a sick or injured person. This session will utilize a case-based format to discuss the medical decision making pertinent to evacuation decisions of patients in the
wilderness. Patient assessment, treatment capabilities and limitations, and mode / speed of evacuation will be discussed.

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Community Snow Observations and Other Community Science You Can Do

Warm up to science this winter with Community Snow Observations AMC’s latest community science program. Winter hikers who already have plans to hit the trail need only use their phone and avalanche probe to document trail side snow depth.
Northeast snow is disappearing to soon every spring but how does that vary from open fields to forested trails? Help us collect data where the data is lacking and improve our understanding of snow across mountain landscapes.

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Developing a Pathway to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

The AMC has adopted a goal of achieving “net zero” carbon emissions from its facilities and operations by 2050. Participants will learn about the science behind this goal, what AMC has already done, and how it is developing a strategic plan
to achieve this ambitious goal and the challenges involved. Participants will also learn how they can track and reduce their own personal “carbon footprint”.

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The Unlikely Thru-Hiker

The Unlikely Thru-Hiker is the story of a young black man setting off from the city with an extremely overweight pack and a willfully can-do attitude. What follows are lessons on preparation, humility, race relations, and nature’s wild
unpredictability. Through it all, Derick (Mr. Fabulous) refuses to let any challenge squash his inner Pollyanna, persevering with humor, tenacity, and an unshakeable commitment to grooming that sees him from Georgia to Maine.

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Wild Canoe: The 100 Mile Wilderness and the Birth of Mainstream Recreational Canoeing

Most people think of the 100 Mile Wilderness as a hiking destination filled with mountains dominated by the wildest section of the Appalachian Trail. It is long forgotten that the region is the birthplace of the wood canvas canoe, the first
widely available commercially produced canoe. Cheap, and durable wood canvas canoes opened the woods of Maine and the Northeast to the first wave of environmental tourism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Leave No Trace Outdoor Skills & Ethics – Supported by Fjallraven

Join the Subaru/Leave No Trace Team for a virtual workshop focused on skills and education for getting outside in an environmentally sustainable way. Learn the hows and whys behind Leave No Trace and best practices for protecting the outdoors and minimizing impacts. An excellent opportunity for experienced outdoor enthusiasts to recommit to practicing and promoting the latest and best Leave No Trace methods and an ideal introduction for those less familiar with Leave No Trace.

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Book Lovers and AMC Members Who Want a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of How Our Books Are Made

From the venerable White Mountain Guide to the memoir The Unlikely Thru-hiker, AMC Books publishes books for outdoorspeople of all stripes. But just how are these books made? How are authors chosen and what sort of work do they do? How does raw text become a published book? AMC Books staff explain the life cycle of a book, from idea to design to publication and beyond.

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The Venture Out Project – Connecting Queer Youth and Adults With the Outdoors

Learn more about The Venture Out Project (TVOP), which is committed to facilitating backpacking and wilderness trips for the queer and trans community in a safe and inclusive environment. They also provide comprehensive inclusion workshops for educators, adventure professionals, summer/day camps, and more. As part of this workshop, we will watch a short film REI produced with TVOP. You check out a trailer for the film here.

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Committee Meetings
The following committee meetings are scheduled at Annual Summit. Meetings are open to all members, though only committee members may vote. Please include the meetings you plan to attend in your registration choices.

Meeting: Chapters Committee (CHCM)TBD
Meeting: Inter-Chapter Trails Committee (ITC)TBD
Meeting: Adventure Travel Committee (AMCAT)TBD
Meeting: Inter-Chapter Climbing Committee (ICC)TBD
Meeting: Volunteer-Led Camps and Cabins Committee (VCC)TBD
Meeting: Clubwide Conservation Committee (CCC)TBD
Meeting: Inter-Chapter Paddling Committee (IPC)TBD
Meeting: Outdoor Leadership Development Committee (OLDC)TBD
Meeting: Volunteer Treasurers MeetingTBD
Meeting: Membership Chairs MeetingTBD

Meeting: Chapters Committee (CHCM)

A Board of Directors (BOD) Committee that addresses the needs, interests, and concerns of Chapters. Voting members include Chapter Chairs and Regional Directors.
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Meeting: Inter-Chapter Trails Committee (ITC)

A subcommittee of the Conservation Programs Committee (CPC) to promote cooperation, safety, and support for volunteer trails programs across the organization. Voting members include Chapter Trails Chairs.
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Meeting: Adventure Travel Committee (AMCAT)

Part of AMC’s Outdoor Learning and Leadership Department, this committee trains and manages a cadre of volunteer leaders to offer adventures more than 500 miles outside AMC’s region. Led by a Volunteer Committee.
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Meeting: Inter-Chapter Climbing Committee (ICC)

A subcommittee of the Conservation Programs Committee (CPC) to promote safety, collaboration and support for climbing/mountaineering activities across the organization. Voting members include Chapter Climbing and Mountaineering Chairs.
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Meeting: Volunteer-Led Camps and Cabins Committee (VCC)

Part of AMC’s Outdoor Programs Center department, this volunteer committee facilitates cooperation and communication in support of our seasonal and year-round full and self-service camps and cabins. Voting members are Chairs of VCC
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Meeting: Clubwide Conservation Committee (CCC)

A subcommittee of the Board of Directors (BOD) Conservation Programs Committee, to support interaction and cooperation amongst conservation volunteers and staff in support of AMC’s conservation priorities and campaigns.
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Meeting: Inter-Chapter Paddling Committee (IPC)

A subcommittee of the BOD Conservation Programs Committee, to support interaction and cooperation amongst paddling chairs in support of safety, conservation concerns, and access. A meeting for Chapter Paddling Chairs and Leaders with an
agenda focused on them. Voting members are Paddling Committee Chairs.
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Meeting: Outdoor Leadership Development Committee (OLDC)

A subcommittee of the Board of Directors Outdoor Learning and Leadership Committee, this group of volunteers creates Leadership Requirements and Guidelines, and defines best practices for training and risk management.
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Meeting: Volunteer Treasurers Meeting

This meeting is for AMC’s Finance Staff and the volunteer Treasurers who serve Volunteer Club Units such as Chapters, Committees, and Camps. An agenda will be circulated in advance.
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Meeting: Membership Chairs Meeting

Open to Chapter Membership Chairs, Chapter Chairs, and Vice Chairs, or your chapter representative, this meeting will review membership trends at the chapter level, as well as answer questions about membership and the Membership Chair’s
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The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Annual Summit is a time of celebration! Each year, AMC presents awards to some of our club’s most dedicated volunteers. AMC has thousands of amazing volunteers that deserve to be recognized for their commitment and hard work. Awards that will be presented this year are listed below. For more information and lists of past award recipients, visit

Distinguished Service Award – This award highlights long term commitment to enhancing and sustaining the integrity of AMC’s conservation, education, and recreation values, with a special acknowledgement that the recipients have developed a complete understanding of the values and goals of the entire organization.

Volunteer Leadership Award – The Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes AMC’s outstanding volunteer leaders who demonstrate the desire to share their time and expertise in the pursuit of AMC’s recreation, conservation, and education mission.

Joe Dodge Award – The Joe Dodge Award is presented to a member of the AMC community who best exemplifies the type of high quality public service and mountain hospitality that became the hallmark of longtime AMC Huts Manager Joe Dodge’s long and distinguished career at Pinkham Notch.

Stewardship Society Award – The Stewardship Society Award honors AMC volunteers who carry on the tradition of public service activity and bring new members to join in the effort. Stewardship Society members typically volunteer on trail work, conservation, or other stewardship projects.

The Marian Psychowska Award recognizes those who have given at least 96 Hours.

The Warren Hart Award recognizes those who have given at least 224 Hours.

Eligible recipients of the Stewardship Society Awards must submit their 2019 tally sheets by December 1 to