Join AMC in protecting the mountains, rivers, forests, and trails of our region. Learn about and speak up on issues that threaten the Northeast outdoors as well as opportunities to ensure that treasured locations and landscapes can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Share Your Earth Day Story

AMC is collecting stories of what Earth Day means to you. Perhaps you remember the first Earth Day or you’ve witnessed the positive impact of environmental laws and policies leading to cleaner air and water since 1970. Share with us an Earth Day event that moved you, a story about a special place outdoors that inspires you to protect the planet, or a particular conservation action you have taken in the name of Mother Earth. We will share these stories back out to others around Earth Day to show how the AMC community cares and is fighting for our natural world. 

Ask Congress to Bring LWCF Full and Dedicated Funding to a Vote

Now is the time pass the Great American Outdoors Act to provide permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund!

The Land and Water Conservation Fund was authorized to receive $900 million a year to protect parks, trails and open spaces all across the country, but funds are consistently diverted for other purposes. Write to your Senators and Representative today in support of legislation to fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. 


Support Cleaner Transportation Solutions

Cars and trucks are the biggest greenhouse gas polluters. There is a regional plan to look at a suite of solutions to our transportation footprint that would modernize how we travel while considering equity and alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles. Ask your Governor to join the plan today.

Ask Your Legislators to Fund Land for Maine's Future

The popular and successful Land for Maine’s Future program needs your help. Over 30 years, the Land for Maine’s Future program has conserved more than 600,000 acres across the state, ensuring that some of our most beautiful and important places will remain open to all of us, forever. Now the program needs an infusion of funding. State legislators need to hear from us, their constituents, that we care deeply about access to the fresh air, open space, beauty, (and seafood!) that make Maine different.

Help Plan the Future for the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument

The National Park Service is creating the management framework for the northeast’s newest national monument, and we need your help! A management framework establishes the overarching vision for public lands and guides the direction of future work and activities. Submit your comments to the National Park Service about the kinds of recreational opportunities you would like to see at the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. This is your chance to help determine the recreational offerings and the range of resource protection areas.

Support Climate Action in Your State

The lack of leadership in addressing climate change at the federal level means your state leaders need to know that you support climate initiatives and energy efficiency investments at the state and local level. Let your Governor know where you stand. 

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