Action Center

Action Center

Speak up for the outdoors and make your voice heard on pressing conservation issues.

Join AMC in protecting the mountains, rivers, forests, and trails of our region. Learn about and speak up on issues that threaten the Northeast outdoors, as well as opportunities to ensure that treasured locations and landscapes can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Below you will find updates on current issues and recent activities. Sign up for email updates on actions at the bottom of the page, and lend your voice to protect the outdoors.

Ask Your Legislators to Support Reauthorization of the Highlands Conservation Act

Crucial funding for land conservation in the Highlands region is set to expire in 2021 without your help. Tell your legislators that you support the reauthorization of this act to preserve endangered wildlife habitat, protect drinking watersheds, and increase outdoor recreation.

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Solutions for Clean and Equitable Transportation

Cars and trucks are the biggest greenhouse gas polluters. There is a regional effort to look at a suite of solutions to reduce our transportation carbon footprint that would modernize how we travel while considering equity and alternatives to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Ask your Governor to join the plan today. 

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Clean Air for All

The Biden Administration has set out some important goals around climate and environmental justice that align with AMC’s conservation policies, and now we want to offer some emphasis on issues we see as priorities at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We appreciate that there is much for EPA to do to fix the harm to the outdoors and our natural world from the last four years of air quality rollbacks.

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State Conservation Funding

The programs and people dedicated to conservation in your state ensure the region’s outdoor resources are managed responsibly. They also work to make them accessible and welcoming to everyone. Tell your state senator and representative that trail development and maintenance, parks and forest management, and land conservation are essential and require robust funding for both projects and the state agencies dedicated to these activities.

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30 by 30

Add your voice supporting a national movement to conserve 30 percent of the lands and waters of the United States by 2030. Known as ‘30 by 30,’ this inclusive and bold vision for safeguarding America’s lands, waters, and wildlife habitat supports the efforts of everyone actively involved in conserving, stewarding, restoring, using, and enjoying nature.

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Support the Establishment of a MA Office of Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation enhances the health, quality of life, and well-being of Massachusetts residents. It’s also an important contributor to the state’s economy. But unlike many other states, Massachusetts does not have an office to support, promote, and expand outdoor recreation across the state, and to ensure equitable access to the outdoors. AMC supports a bill, currently in the State Legislature, that would establish a State Office of Outdoor Recreation.

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Increase access to open space, trails, and public transit

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. The House of Representatives is expected to consider the Senate’s bill, plus additional infrastructure investments, in September. This legislation is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our nation’s transportation and infrastructure – and it has important implications for our parks, trails, and rivers.

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