Responsible Forestry

From the beginning of AMC’s Maine Woods Initiative, responsible timber management has been a key element of the project, along with backcountry recreation, land conservation, and community economic development. We recognize that the wood products industry is one of the foundations of the local economy and will remain so for a long time. It is not our goal to replace timber harvesting with wilderness-based recreation, but to integrate the two. It is our hope that this combination can provide a model for future land conservation in the region, and demonstrate that conservation is not an “either-or” proposition that pits wilderness against timber.

AMC’s primary goals for our timber management program are to maintain a significant portion of the property in a natural condition; provide a high level of protection to ecological, scenic and recreational resources; create a more mature forest that resembles the region’s natural forests; and promote the growth of high-quality sawtimber. AMC’s managed forests serve as a “green endowment”, the income from which helps offset the costs of owning the land and supports other MWI programs AMC works with Huber Resources Corporation, a forestry consulting business based in Old Town, ME. We have worked cooperatively to develop the forest management plan for the property, with AMC providing the overall goals and general direction and Huber providing operational guidance and on-the-ground implementation based on their long experience in the region. 

In 2015 AMC’s forest management is Forest Stewardship Council® certified, the global leader in responsible forest certification. FSC® C008922

Click here for a short video featuring AMC’s Forest Ecologist Dr. David Publicover on our approach to forest management.