Help support outdoor conservation throughout the Northeast by becoming a member.

AMC members are people like you. However you choose to be outdoors—walking in your local park, paddling on a nearby lake, or camping in a remote spot—an AMC membership provides you access to more than 8,000 activities each year, plus discounts on lodging, books, and merchandise. The outdoors is for everyone to enjoy, and your membership will help build and maintain trails, protect public lands, and support outdoor conservation throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Thousands of outdoor activities annually
  • Up to 20% off AMC lodging
  • 10% off gear and merchandise
  • 20% off AMC books and maps


Membership has its benefits. Get involved by joining AMC as a new member.

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Pair the adventurer in your life with a full year of AMC benefits—and support conservation throughout the Northeast.


Monthly Giving

Providing steady and reliable monthly gifts, AMC Trailblazers help to sustain our most loved programming and will continue to do so for years to come. You will receive a complimentary Trailblazer membership when you give $10 or more per month.

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Member Number
  • What is a member number and what do I use it for?

    Each member is assigned a number for identification purposes. You can use this number to receive member discounts—for example, when making a reservation online. Or you can reference it when contacting Member Services in order to help us find your account quickly.

  • I don’t know my member number. Where can I find it?

    Here are a few easy ways to find your member number

    1. Look for it on your member card.

    2. Call Member Services at 1-800-372-1758, Monday-Friday from 9 to 5 EST. You can leave a message outside these hours.

    3. Send an email to Please include your name and address with your request for your member number.

  • Will my member number change when I renew my membership?

    No. Your member number will stay the same year to year.

  • I have a Family Membership. Is my member number the same for the whole family?

    Yes. All family members included in your membership share the same member number.

Member Card
  • Will I receive a member card?

    Yes. You will receive a member card in the mail three to four weeks after joining AMC. If you have a Family Membership, you will receive two cards. Your member card will list your member number, chapter affiliation, and membership expiration date. You will receive a new card after you renew your membership.

  • When will I need to use my member card?

    You will need to carry your member card with you when riding AMC’s Hiker Shuttle to receive the member discount. Otherwise, as long as you know your member number, you are not required to carry your member card when visiting AMC’s destinations.

  • My member card says I’ve been an AMC member since 2015, but I joined long before then. What’s going on?

    “Member since” dates (also called “join-on dates”) are based on consecutive years of membership. If your membership expires and you do not renew within the 120-day grace period, you will lose your original join-on date. If you re-join, your new member card will say that you have been a member since the date you re-joined. However, your membership history will still be stored in our database.

  • What is “My Outdoors” and what can I find there?

    “My Outdoors” is the name for AMC’s online member center. You can update your contact information, subscribe to AMC newsletters, create an Activity Digest, and more.

  • How do I create a My Outdoors username and password?

    Go to the account creation page, type in your first name, last name, email address, and zip/postal code as they appear on your membership card to ensure your new username syncs with your member record.

  • How do I log in to My Outdoors?

    Visit the login page. Or, while on, click “log in” in the the footer of the any page.

  • What is an Activity Digest and how do I create one?

    An Activity Digest is a way for you to receive periodic emails regarding upcoming AMC trips that match your interests.

Membership Renewal
  • Can I renew my membership online?

    Yes. You can renew using the renew link on the top right of every page on AMC’s website.

  • When does my membership expire?

    Your membership expiration date is listed on your member card.

  • What happens to my expiration date if I renew today?

    When you renew your membership, one year will be added to your current expiration date. Your expiration date will not be one year from the day you renew.

  • I recently renewed my membership. Why did I just receive a renewal notice in the mail?

    Your payment most likely crossed in the mail with our renewal notice. It can take several days to fully process membership payments (even payments made online) and update our records.

  • My membership expired last month. Has my membership been officially dropped from AMC’s records?

    No. After your membership expires, you are given a 120-day grace period to renew. After this grace period, your membership will be dropped, and you will lose your original “join-on date.” AMC keeps track of consecutive years of membership to determine when members qualify for a Life membership.

  • What is a Trailblazer Membership?

    If you give $10 or more per month, you receive a complimentary Trailblazer Membership, which provides you with a family membership.

  • How do I qualify for a Life membership?

    Members who are age 70+ and have at least 25 consecutive years of membership at that time are eligible for a Life membership. AMC does not track your age, so you must request it. Please send an email with your name and address or member number to with your inquiry.

  • What is a chapter?

    Chapters are like local outing clubs. AMC has 12 chapters from Maine to Washington, D.C. Chapters are led by volunteers and offer local outdoor activities, training, and social events.

  • What are AMC’s 12 chapters?

    Boston, Connecticut, Delaware Valley, Maine, Mohawk Hudson, Narragansett, New Hampshire, New York–North Jersey, Potomac, Southeastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, and Worcester.

  • How do I join a chapter? Do I already belong to one?

    Each member is automatically assigned to a chapter when they join. Your chapter is determined based on your zip code. Members living outside of AMC’s region are considered “unaffiliated,” however you can choose to join any chapter.

  • Can I be in more than one chapter?

    No. Members can only belong to one chapter. However, you can participate in events hosted by any chapter.

  • Can I change my chapter?

    Yes. You can change your chapter affiliation regardless of where you live. For example, if you live in Connecticut but often travel to New Hampshire for outdoors activities, you can switch from the Connecticut Chapter to the New Hampshire Chapter.

  • I just moved. Do I still belong to the same chapter?

    Chapters are automatically assigned based on your zip code, so it depends on where you moved. For example, if you moved from Rhode Island to Maine, your chapter affiliation would change from Narragansett to Maine. You may change your chapter back to Narragansett for instance, if you prefer to be affiliated with your old chapter

  • How can I contact my local chapter?

    Most chapters have their own website. Each website includes the contact information for the chapter’s Executive Committee. You can find your chapter by entering your zip code here.

  • How do I find local chapter activities? 

    AMC trips and events are listed in our Activity Database. You can narrow your search based on location, activity, chapter, etc.

  • How do I update my contact information?

    To update your name, mailing address, or email address in AMC’s records, you can call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or email with your new information and we’ll be happy to update your record.

  • How much of my membership dues payment is tax deductible?

    100% of your membership payment is tax deductible. In addition, any donation that is not related to an Appalachia journal subscription is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • Who is included in my Family Membership?

    Family Memberships include up to two adults and any children under 21 living in your household. The membership does not include family members living outside of your household.

  • Can I give someone an AMC membership as a gift?

    Yes! AMC offers gift memberships. You can purchase one here or by calling Member Services (800-372-1758). We will send a gift membership notecard either to you or directly to the recipient, depending on your preference.

  • Do you share my name with other organizations?

    Sometimes we share our mailing list with groups who may be of interest to members. If you do not want your name and address shared, please call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or email You can also register with the Data & Marketing Association to be removed from most mailing lists. AMC does not share email addresses or telephone numbers.