Earl B. Hunter Jr.: Campfire Conversations

Earl B Hunter Jr

Earl B. Hunter Jr. knows how to bring people together. He is widely recognized for his exuberant personality, hard work ethic, and non-traditional approach to building relationships, which has proved effective in his efforts to increase diversity in the outdoors industry.

Hunter is the founder and CEO of Black Folks Camp Too, a marketing-driven business that focuses on making camping and the outdoors more inviting and interesting to the BIPOC communities that aren’t always represented in the industry. The idea sprung from a camping trip in 2015, where Hunter and his son traveled across the United States in an RV, visiting 49 campgrounds in 20 states, and only seeing one other Black family camping during the whole trip.

In this week’s episode, Hunter describes how this eye opening experience led to him rethinking his career, and dedicating his time and effort to making the outdoor industry a more diverse place. He’ll cover his vision behind Black Folks Camp Too, plus the importance of inclusivity, and his philosophy behind the company’s Unity Blaze design.

For the full episode, listen to Unlikely Stories Podcast here or on any platform that hosts podcasts.

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