Jennifer Pharr Davis: Superhuman Hiker


In 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis set the overall fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail, hiking the 2,185-mile footpath from Georgia to Maine in just 46 days. Today, she continues to wow athletes with her accomplishments, including backpacking 700 miles pregnant, walking across North Carolina while nursing her newborn son, and hiking in all 50 states with her two-year-old daughter.

Pharr Davis is an internationally recognized adventurer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has hiked more than 14,000 miles of trails on six different continents. She’s currently serving on President Biden’s Council of Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, and played a prominent role in the 2020 IMAX film Into America’s Wild.

In this week’s episode of Unlikely Stories Podcast, Pharr Davis discusses her record-breaking feat, as well as what it means to be a woman setting this kind of record. She dives into her own philosophies behind why it’s so important to get outside, no matter where you are, and demonstrates that while other might disagree, she does not, in fact, have superpowers.

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