Connecticut & New York

Connecticut & New York

Spend a night camping near the Appalachian Trail or explore Long Island's Great South Bay.

Connecticut and New York offer recreation opportunities from sea to summit. Whether you’re looking for a beachside getaway to New York’s south coast or for a jumping-off point for a variety of hikes along the AT and around Connecticut’s Bear Mountain, you’ll find it at one of these camps.

Fire Island

Explore the rugged beauty of dunes, forest, and marshes at the National Seashore from AMC’s Fire Island cabin. Enjoy Atlantic Ocean beaches, and canoe, kayak, and sail on the Great South Bay off Long Island in New York. Fire Island Cabin is a volunteer-run facility.

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Northwest Camp 

Northwest Camp is a rustic backcountry cabin, secluded on a remote section of Bear Mountain in Salisbury, Connecticut. The cabin provides access to many hiking trails leading to New York and Massachusetts. 

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