Climate Change

Climate Change

Prioritizing science to protect our land and water.

Addressing climate change will require significant changes in how our society produces, transports, and uses energy on a rapid timeframe. At AMC, we believe that well-designed policies that benefit both society and nature are a step in the right direction to help protect humanity and the natural world from the devastating effects of climate change. Clean air and the health of the forests and waters of the Northeast are at risk from air pollution and climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Public lands also face significant threats from the inappropriate development and siting of energy generation and transmission projects. AMC is working to reduce emissions from our own operations, raise public awareness about these issues, promote and support net zero emissions with appropriate public policies, and inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint.


AMC’s research identifies and monitors the impacts of climate change in the mountains, freshwaters, and forests of the Northeast. We are dedicated to combatting climate change and establishing new ways to protect the lands we love. Prioritizing clean energy and setting an organizational goal to reach net zero no later than 2050, AMC is fighting the effects of climate change internally and out in the world.

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