Net Zero Emissions

Net Zero Emissions

AMC is developing a pathway to become net zero.

In keeping with the scientific consensus on global warming and the latest recommendation from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in 2019, AMC adopted a goal of achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050, with a goal of 45 percent reduction from 2010 levels by 2030. To meet these ambitious climate targets, AMC is developing a Net Zero Strategic Plan—a roadmap that will set forth our strategic vision for the production, consumption, and conservation of energy at AMC facilities and from our operations.

AMC has long been conscious of and taken responsibility for the impacts created by our use and enjoyment of the outdoors. In 2003, we began compiling data on our operational carbon footprint (primarily heating, electricity, and vehicles). We adopted what was then the IPCC’s goal of reducing our net carbon footprint by 80 percent below our average 2004-2005 operational baseline by 2050.

Considerable progress has been made to date, including but not limited to:

  • Retrofitting older facilities to improve their energy efficiency (heating, lighting, insulation, electrification, etc.)
  • Designing new facilities with a focus on energy efficiency
  • Increasing the on-site generation of renewable energy
  • Improving the fuel efficiency of our vehicle fleet
  • Reducing staff travel through increased use of teleconferencing
  • Encouraging the use of public transportation and carpooling
  • Protecting 75,000 acres (and counting!) of forest in Maine that is sequestering considerable amounts of carbon, some of which is available as forest carbon offsets from two verified projects with a third under development


Despite this progress over the last two decades, meeting our updated net zero goal will remain a significant challenge. We will share our story as we work to reduce emissions from our operations to raise public awareness and inspire others to reduce their carbon footprints. In support of our climate goals, AMC has also made a commitment to tracking progress towards our net zero target and will report progress annually.

For more information on AMC’s climate goals and Net Zero Strategic Plan development, please feel free to watch our public webinar recording from November 11, 2020.

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