Pleasant River Headwaters Forest

Pleasant River Headwaters Forest

Signature Watershed of Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness: Conserved!

We did it! Thanks to the help of AMC members and donors, the Pleasant River Headwaters Forest (PRHF) in Maine is now protected by AMC.

This 26,584-acre parcel lies in the heart of Maine’s famed 100-Mile Wilderness region, the land surrounding the northernmost 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Protecting PRHF has been a high priority for AMC and our friends in the conservation community, it holds special ecological significance as part of the largest contiguous expanse of undeveloped forest in the eastern United States.

Why This Project Matters

The 100-Mile Wilderness lies in the heart of Maine’s North Woods, a region that features some of the largest areas of undeveloped forests, lakes, and ponds in the United States, and an area of exceptionally high habitat connectivity and resilience to climate change.

Efforts by AMC to restore aquatic habitat on the property have helped to reestablish renowned native brook trout populations and allow Atlantic salmon to return to native spawning grounds in the headwater streams of the West Branch for the first time in nearly two centuries—making it one of the only places in the state where this is possible.

Responsible forestry efforts on the property position multi-use forestland as the ideal stronghold for ecological resilience and climate adaptability. This provides additional, higher quality wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® to local and regional mills while simultaneously improving habitat and doubling carbon sequestration on AMC’s Maine lands. Through careful forest management, AMC is leveraging its ownership to sustain local economies and keep the land open for public access.

Thank You

This project would not have been possible without the steadfast support of AMC’s many donors, supporters, and members!

A lead gift of $10 million from the Richard King Mellon Foundation in early 2019 provided momentum to embark on the acquisition. Other significant funding was provided by a US Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) Recovery Land Acquisition grant—via the Land and Water Conservation Fund—awarded to Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; two USFWS North American Wetlands Conservation Act grants; the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Acres for America program; The Nature Conservancy; and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Wild East Action Fund.

Learn More

To learn more about the Pleasant River Headwaters acquisition, or to join us in protecting valuable natural resources, please contact:

Celeste Miliard Bannock,, (617) 523-0637

Steve Tatko,, (207) 717-0230

Jennifer Norris, 391-6620