Getting in Shape for Summer

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Spring has sprung! And even though these April showers may have you longing for warmer and sunnier days, the recent buds on trees and the appearance of purple blooms of crocus and yellow daffodils are harbingers of the nicer weather to come.

We’ve all been cooped up during this winter, but things are looking brighter and the prospect of getting out and finally feeling a bit more freedom in our outdoor adventures is a welcome change.

What is on the top of your list? Hiking? Biking? Getting back out for a rock climb or hitting the water again for a soothing paddle?

Here’s a simple guide to getting back out and enjoying this upcoming season!


If hiking is on your list after months of at-home workouts, you might want to prepare with a couch to 4K hiking guide. Or start with an at home refresher workout on how to stay in shape for the upcoming season.


While the water might still be a bit cold, there’s always a way to prepare for warmer temps ahead of the season. There are lots of exercises you can do to get your body ready to get back out on the water and have a leg up before you wade in or leave the dock.

Rock Climbing

Climbing is a specialized skill set and can be lost over time—especially if you haven’t been focused on upper body strength. If you are just returning to this activity, you might want to tune in to a specific routine to prepare for the taxing adventure ahead of you! Follow this workout to get your mind and body in shape for the next climbing challenge.


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