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Winter 2019 Contents

Fat biking, glade skiing, dream-making, caching food, trouncing anxiety, more.

Big Wheels

Go along for the ride when a first-timer hits the Maine Woods on a fat bike.

Ski the Trees

Earn your turns! Join these volunteers in a new generation of glade skiing.

Do-Gooder Gearheads

Meet visionaries who put people & planet on par with profit.

Mountains Are Calling

See if you’re a candidate for Vermont’s new bid to lure remote commuters.

Monumental Path

Learn how AMC got tapped by the Park Service to build trails in Maine.

Never Too Late

Discover 8 places that really, truly cater to brand-new cross-country skiers.

Cold Comfort

Find out how to choose a hardy, winter-worthy tent that’ll keep out the chill.

Don’t Be a Hero

Commit them to memory: 5 times you should always turn around on a hike.

No-Slip Tips

Get an AMC trip leader’s advice on how to hike over ice, uphill and down.

Cache Deposits

Did you know birds and squirrels do it? Learn about critters’ winter storage.

‘There Are Bears?’

Hear first-hand tales of hard work from your rockstar reservations team.

Advocacy for Teens

Read how a teen got over worrying and learned to love the outdoors.

A Century on the Border

Flip through 100 years of photos from AMC’s beloved Cold River Camp.

Winter Like Vikings

Get hygge with it and sail through the dark season, Scandinavian-style.


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