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Having the right gear is just the start. AMC offers a number of outdoor skills programs that will teach you to be smart and safe in the backcountry.

AMC recommends that hikers and backpackers follow the hikeSafe Hiker Responsibility Code.

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  • Want Warmer Feet on Your Winter Adventures? Try Vapor Barrier Liner Socks January 8, 2018
    One of the bigger challenges in winter hiking is keeping your feet warm and comfortable, especially if you’re out in the chill for prolonged periods of time. Proper winter footwear is essential, of course, to keeping warm, but there’s another challenge that you may not be considering: foot sweat. Your feet are the second sweatiest part...Read […]
  • How to Dress for Extreme Cold January 3, 2018
    Bitter cold has settled in the Northeast, with temperatures plunging into the single digits and below throughout the region. Such temperatures aren’t just unpleasant, they can be downright dangerous, especially if you add any sort of wind to the bone-chilling equation. Here’s how I dress for warmth when I’m spending time out in such conditions....Read […]
  • How to Manage Your Winter Clothing Layers December 28, 2017
    Sweat is your nemesis on cold-weather adventures. Perspire heavily, and your damp clothing will steal precious body heat. Minimize this risk—and your sweat—with the following techniques. HIKE SLOW AND STEADY NOT FAST AND SWEATY. Maintain a low to moderate pace to avoid overheating, especially on uphill climbs. DON’T OVERLAYER. You need surprisingly few layers when...Read […]