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Having the right gear is just the start. AMC offers a number of outdoor skills programs that will teach you to be smart and safe in the backcountry.

AMC recommends that hikers and backpackers follow the hikeSafe Hiker Responsibility Code.

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  • Don’t Overlayer: Two Tips for Cold-Weather Clothing Systems December 10, 2018
    Dress in layers. It’s a mantra repeated ad nauseam whenever the temperature plunges. In general, it’s good advice. But it’s also easy to take it too far and cause yourself more sweat and irritation than fun. Here are two key recommendations to keep your layering under control. Three Long-sleeve Layers, Max First, don’t try and put on...Read […]
  • Don’t Flake Out: How to Winter Camp Like a Pro (Even if You’re a Newbie) November 29, 2018
    Not confident in how to winter camp? We’ve got you covered with these tips for setting up your tent in the snow and cold—and loving it. Vibrant. When picking a tent, go with a yellow or orange fabric over green or gray. Research shows cheerier colors are friendlier to your psyche if you’re tent-bound for...Read […]
  • This Snow Stake Will Keep You Secure on Your Next Winter Camping Trip November 29, 2018
    You can always anchor a tent by tying your guylines to a log or a rock buried in the snow (also called “deadmen”), but why not invest in a set of good snow stakes? For a secure hold at a minimal weight, consider the 0.5-ounce Olik Titanium Snow Stake from Suluk 46 ($90 for four;...Read […]