Trail Building and Mapping Services

AMC’s expertise in trail construction, campsite planning and management, and mapping services reflect over a century of experience. We pair the most current understanding of sustainable trail design with techniques we continuously honed and refine for northeast trails that range from urban walks to rugged backcountry experiences. AMC’s experienced staff provide the services described below.

Have Questions?

Contact Andrew Norkin
Director of Trails and Recreation Management
PO Box 298 Gorham NH 03581
(603) 466 8124

Contract Trail Services


Hone your skills with the expert guidance of AMC’s Trails Department.

We offer skill sessions for your group in the following areas:

  • Chainsaw use and maintenance

  • Tool use and maintenance

  • Sustainable trail design

Skill sessions can come in full day or multi-day time frames. Please get in touch with Andrew Norkin so we can work with you and your group to help you succeed.