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Attention storytellers! AMC is launching an exciting new initiative to amplify the voices and stories of its members, volunteers, and supporters. In conjunction with the launch of the completely redesigned outdoors.orgwe’re announcing an engagement content program to draw more deeply from the well of knowledge and experience that exists within the AMC community.  

In other words, we want to share your outdoor story! 

We’re seeking ideas for essays, adventure narratives, trail work successes, conservation highlights, and other outdoor content that tells AMC’s story from across our region. Professional editors will pick the best ideas and work one-on-one with writers to develop gripping stories that may appear across numerous AMC channels—including social media, e-newsletters, print mailers, curricula, and even educational displays in our facilities. The year’s best writing will be entered into a contest (Details TBD), the winners of which will be announced in early 2022 and eligible for some great prizes. 

We’re currently seeking summer-oriented stories to begin publishing July 1. Please fill out this simple form to pitch us your idea. Special consideration will be given to pitches based on one of the suggested prompts below, but feel free to send us an idea of your own!

Examples from the spring include: 

Summer 2021 Writing Prompts

Trail Conservation 

  • Did you develop your love for preserving trails through your local AMC chapter? Tell your story! 
  • Do you know a trail “super volunteer?” Tell us their story! 
  • What improvements have you noticed over time on local trails as a result of projects and conservation by AMC and its chapters?


  • Did you discover paddling through your local AMC chapter? Tell your story! 
  • Tell the story of a particularly memorable day out on the water. 


  • The Appalachian Trail was first conceived 100 years ago—in 1921! 
  • What does the A.T. mean to you? 
  • Do you have an almost unbelievable A.T. story? Tell it! 
  • How has the A.T. changed you? 
  • Did you hike all or part of the A.T. years ago and only return to it recently? How did you see/experience it differently?  


  • Have you formed or grown your love of cycling through your AMC chapter? Tell us your story! 
  • Do you know of an inspiring cyclist or cycling organization that you’d be willing to profile? 

Outdoor Leadership and Learning 

  • Do you lead or participate in a partner group trained by AMC outdoor leadership staff? Tell us your story! 
  • Are you a teen participant with one of AMC’s partner groups who’s developed a love for enjoying and conserving your local outdoor spaces? Tell your story!


  • Highlands Conservation Act (HCA) 
    • Describe a memorable day out on the trails/waters that benefit from HCA funding 
    • Do you live in or near the Mid-Atlantic Highlands? What makes them special? How do you enjoy them? How is the HCA preserving them for future generations? 
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) 
    • Describe a memorable day out on the trails/waters that benefit from LWCF funding 
    • How has LWCF benefitted lands/waters near you? 


  • Tell a story of a particularly memorable day out in the Maine backcountry 
  • Maine locals: What do AMC’s conservation efforts in the 100-Mile Wilderness mean to you?  

Transportation & Climate 

  • Do you intentionally commute to trails in sustainable way? (train, carpool, bike, squirrel suit) 

Dark Skies  

  • What do dark/starry skies mean to you? 
  • Do you have a story about a child/children seeing bright stars in the sky for the first time? 
  • Maine locals: How important is it that we preserve dark skies / prevent light pollution in Maine? 


  • How are you seeing the impacts of climate change on your local lands and waters? 
  • Tell the story of a particularly inspiring grassroots effort in your area to combat greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 

  • Is your chapter doing exceptional work expanding access to the outdoors for all? Tell us! 
  • Are you an outdoor enthusiast who is older? A child or teen? Living with a disability? A veteran? LGBTQ+? An Indigenous person? Black or Latinx? Tell your outdoor story! 


  • Stephen & Betsy Corman AMC Harriman Outdoor Center turns 5 in 2021! Do you have a memorable experience as a guest here? 
  • NY–NJ locals: How did the opening of Harriman Outdoor Center improve the region? How is it increasing access to the outdoors for residents of New York City, Philadelphia, Newark, etc.? 

Pitch us your idea here!

Questions or feedback? Email Steve Holt, AMC’s Senior Editor for Engagement Content.

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