I Love Outdoors

What is it about the outdoors that draws us back again and again?

 We put together a list of reasons why we love the outdoors, but we want to hear why YOU do, too!

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Why do we love the outdoors?

  1. For the surprise. Every outdoor experience has its own unique story. You might hike the same trail over and over, yet there’s always something new to explore. From the weather on a particular day, to the season, plant and animal sightings, views, and the company that joins you, there’s plenty of stories to tell about your outdoor adventures.
  2. For the elements. Sometimes our goal is to simply enjoy nature. Whether it’s a sweeping view from the top of a hill or mountain, the height of a cascading waterfall, spotting unique flora and fauna, or the hope of catching a fleeting surprise like leaves swirling in a gust of wind, these scenes remind us of nature’s beauty and how important it is to protect this important resource.
  3. For the exploration. Curiosity fuels our outdoor journeys. Whether you’ve found a new place to paddle, a new trail, or a quiet spot to observe nature, these spaces draw you to the outdoors to explore.
  4. For the joy. Spending time in fresh air outdoors with friends, family, or your four-legged companion is an easy way to boost your mood and a reason why we return to the outdoors over and over.
  5. For the challenge. Hikers, runners, paddlers, and more are turning to the outdoors to push themselves to new goals. But you don’t have to be an ultra-marathoner to challenge yourself—the outdoors provides opportunities to try new things and step outside your comfort zone.
  6. For the comfort.  The outdoors is essential to our mental health as much as our physical health, becoming a place of respite and renewal when we need to destress.
  7. For the community. Sharing outdoor experiences with people with similar interests helps us build a community, expand our friendships, and create memorable moments to treasure. Consider an AMC membership as your next step in deepening a love for the outdoors that formed or has grown over the past year—and ensuring its protection for generations to come.
  8. For the history. The outdoors provides us with a chance to walk in the footsteps of the past. Authors, photographers, explorers, and more have recorded their experiences for centuries, providing inspiration for the adventures we take today.
  1. To Give Back.  As outdoor enthusiasts we hear the call to tend to nature and be good stewards of the natural world. Donating our time and money to protect the outdoor spaces we enjoy connects us more closely with those spaces and provides us with a sense of purpose.


That’s why we love the outdoors. What’s your top reason? Follow AMC’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and win some amazing prizes by using the hashtag #ILoveOutdoors2021 and telling us why you love the outdoors.


Resources for the Journey

Want to spend more time outdoors? Here’s a list of resources to help you recreate safely and responsibly. You may also consider joining one of the hundreds of guided group hikes, paddles, bikes, and climbs the AMC staff and volunteers offer around the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic regions.

What you need

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Nutrition Essentials for Hiking

Ten Essentials for Hiking 

Tips for Cheap and DIY Gear

How to Take Care of Your New Bike

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How to be Safe and Responsible

How to Leave No Trace

How to Prevent and Treat Waterborne Illness

How to Prevent and Treat a Lightning Injury

Navigation 101

Sign up for an outdoor skills course with AMC


Where to Go

Join a local outing

Plan a bucket-list trip

Register for a staff- or volunteer-guided trip

Explore an AMC event for families and children

Extend your adventure by staying overnight at one of AMC’s huts and lodges

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