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Paula ChampagneDon’t let the cold weather stop you from making the most of this winter. It can be one of the best seasons to be outdoors.

Many outdoor enthusiasts have long known that time outside makes you feel good. In fact, spending 120 minutes a week in green spaces boosts your well-being, according to a 2019 study published in the journal Nature. Whether you decide to walk around your neighborhood for 20 minutes a day, take up birdwatching in a local park for an afternoon, or spend a weekend skiing in the backcountry, time spent outside is good for us. This winter, we challenge you to try to lift your spirits, improve your health, and have fun by spending two hours every week outdoors. But we don’t want you to go it alone; consider AMC your expert guide for squeezing the most out of this winter, whether you’re completing a backyard scavenger hunt or layering up for a frosty hike above treeline. Below you will find a list of resources—written and compiled by AMC experts and guides—to help you recreate outside safely and responsibly in the coming months.

Share how you are getting outside this winter and support others in our community by using the #BeOutdoorsChallenge or #AMCOutdoors hashtags on social media.


What You Need

Leave No Trace in Winter

Winter Hiking Essential Gear List

How to Dress for Winter

Nutrition for a Winter Hike


Where to Go and What to Do

How to Find Local Winter Recreation Activities

The Best Ways to Get Outdoors in Cities

How to Plan a Winter Hike

Showshoeing for Beginners Guide

Cross-country Skiing for Beginners Guide

Backcountry Skiing for Beginners Guide

Winter Activities for Kids



How to Prevent and Treat Common Winter Ailments

How to Safely Cross Water in Winter

What to Do If You Get Lost on a Winter Hike

When to Turn Back on a Winter Hike

A Guide to Avalanche Safety




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