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Fall 2018 Contents

Fastpacking, fly fishing, ridgerunning, risk taking, canvassing for conservation.

Hike Fast, Sleep Hard

Are you game to try fastpacking? Ultralighters and trail runners, this one’s for you.

The Mountains Go to the Hill

Learn the backstory on how AMC & friends brought conservation to Congress.

Big Fish, Small Pond

Hear the fish tale behind the tiny but turbulent world of tenkara fly fishing.

Wear, Tear, Repair, Repeat

Learn which gear company is the latest to join the recommerce movement.

When Danger Calls

Find out how an AMC partnership is making the Maine Woods safer

Following First Footsteps

Hike through history on 8 Northeastern trails tracing American Indian paths

Shedding Light

Before you buy, read our gear guru’s advice on choosing the best headlamp.

A Wing and a Prayer

First, do no harm. Learn the proper protocol for helping an injured bird.

Nature Journaling 101

Try your hand at some creative writing with these tips on keeping a nature journal.

Bursts of Energy

Macroburst, microburst, plain old storm? Learn the science behind the lingo.

Thru-Hiker’s Best Friends

Meet two Ridgerunners, the Appalachian Trail’s backcountry advocates.

New Home, Lots of History

Browse archival photos of AMC’s new headquarters in historic City Square.

Original Instructions

Hear how a Nipmuc storyteller refocused on nature, guided by his elders

Risk & Reward

Have a daredevil in the family? Get pointers on finding a safe balance


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