Outdoor Skills Video: The 10 Essentials

January 27, 2017

Regardless of the length of your trip, from a three-hour hike to a three-day or three-week expedition, all hikers should carry the 10 essentials—a list developed by the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, the public agency responsible for the majority of search and rescue operations in New Hampshire. In this outdoor skills video, AMC experts Eboni Cooper and Mike Miccuci cover what these items are and why you need them.


1–2) Map and Compass
3) Warm Clothing
4) Waterproof/Windproof Upper and Lower Body Layer
5) Extra Food and Water
6) Flashlight or Headlamp and extra batteries
7) Waterproof Matches/Fire Starter
8) First-Aid Kit/Repair Kit
9) Whistle
10) Pocket knife or multitool


Eboni Cooper is the New York/New Jersey outdoor programming coordinator for AMC’s Youth Opportunities Program. Based in New York City, Cooper assists in youth adventures, trip-planning support, and equipment requests.

Mike Miccuci works at the front desk of AMC’s Pinkham Notch Visitor Center, answering questions and giving advice to hikers, climbers, and skiers looking to explore the White Mountain National Forest.


This video is based on how-to instruction from AMC’s Mountain Skills Manual (AMC Books, 2017) by Christian Bisson and Jamie Hannon, and was filmed, edited, and produced by Timber & Frame Media, with production assistance from AMC Outdoors’ managing editor, Ryan Smith.



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