RatSack: The Best Rodent Protection for Your Camp Food?

February 27, 2020
Courtesy of Armored Outdoor GearArmored Outdoor Gear offers the RatSack in several sizes, from the 41-liter bag down to a 20 liter size.

Bears aren’t the only threat to your food in the backcountry. Mice, squirrels, and other small critters are also known to ransack camper food supplies, especially in and around trail shelters. To protect your food, you can hang it on one of the ubiquitous “mouse mobiles” that hang in shelters (typically a threaded can on a string that blocks mice from descending to your food), or you can invest in a RatSack, a gnaw-proof bag made from tightly woven wire mesh that seals with a thick Velcro closure strip. Armored Outdoor Gear offers several sizes, from large (41-liter capacity, 12 ounces; $50) to small (20 liters, 8 ounces; $40).



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