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  • DIY Backyard Design for Family-Friendly Outdoor Spaces January 30, 2019
      To hear them describe it, the Pyles family’s backyard was “meh.” Behind their East Boston triple-decker, there was a picnic table, a small vegetable garden, and some spotty grass underneath a canopy of evergreens and a mature cherry tree. Rob, Juliet, and their daughters, Alessandra and Aria (6 and 4), would occasionally eat meals out there, and the girls had room to play. But...Read […]
  • 20 Outdoor Activities Kids Can Do Anywhere January 30, 2019
    Getting the kids outdoors might be as easy as heading into the backyard or down the block to the neighborhood park. But once you’re outside, keeping kids engaged for an hour or two can be challenging. For a list of cheap and simple outdoor activities kids can do anywhere, we turned to Angel Santos Burres,...Read […]
  • Book Review: “The Gutsy Girl,” By Caroline Paul March 29, 2017
    Early in the book The Gutsy Girl, the author, San Francisco firefighter Caroline Paul, recounts how as a teenager she decided to set a world record. The only problem was, she wasn’t very good at anything in particular. She wasn’t the strongest, the fastest, or the most skilled. But she realized she did have a plentiful...Read […]
  • Where to Take Kids Maple Sugaring March 16, 2017
    Spring officially starts on March 20, but New Englanders know the season really begins when the maple syrup starts flowing. And we know when that is because the region explodes with events, tastings, and tours, which are almost universally family-friendly. Here are some of the best resources to find a sugarhouse or a maple sugaring event near you,...Read […]
  • Growing Young Environmental Advocates February 24, 2017
    Woody Guthrie famously sang, “This land is your land / This land is my land,” but as wonderful as that sentiment is, it takes a lot of work to make sure the outdoors is protected for generations to come. It’s never too early to get kids engaged in stewardship efforts, be it through volunteerism, community gardens,...Read […]